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Beadwindow Pty Ltd

Address: Beadwindow Pty Ltd Level 2 1 Southbank Boulevard Southbank Melbourne Victoria 3940 Australia
Country: Australia

Telephone Number: 61 3 9982 4558

Contact: Christopher Walter

Categories: Recruitment & Training, Technical Author, Design, Project Management

Description: We advocate the naval warfighter, bypassing the interference of rank, politics and process inherent with capability development and delivery. We fight institutional orthodoxy to get the outcomes naval warfighters need. We are the only professional service provider dedicated to making naval combat easier, concentrating upon provision of operations advice, learning and development services, and materiel sustainment services. Along with freedom of manoeuvre, all the naval warfighter wants is the highest kill probability, at Maximum Firing Range, resulting in a Mission Kill or Unit Kill. You want to give them that. We help you do it.



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Human Factors

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The Damaged Ship

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Man Energy Survey - Sept