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2015 Maritime Safety Award

Sponsored by the Royal Institution of Naval Architects and Lloyds Register, the 2015 RINA-LR Maritime Safety Award recognises the contribution to maritime safety of both an organisation and an individual.  The Awards were presented at the 2015 Annual Dinner.

Griffon Hoverworks + Hovercraft Manufacturers Association

The 2015 Maritime Safety Award was awarded jointly to Griffon Hoverworks and the Hovercraft Manufacturers’ Association for their work in creating a dedicated Code of Practice and a regulatory process for the construction and certification of small hovercraft.

Prior to the introduction of the Hovercraft Code, existing standards were developed for large vessels operating internationally.  Small hovercraft could not really meet these standards and, as such, the hovercraft sector in the UK has been restricted to craft operating mainly in the pleasure and military sectors.

This Code now legally permits the commercial use of small hovercraft where their unique operating abilities will be of great benefit. The development of the Code will drive forward safety standards on small hovercraft and promote their technological development.  Although a UK Code, other countries have already expressed interest in using the standards for their own domestic market.

The Hovercraft Manufacturers Association and Griffon Hoverworks were nominated for the Award by the UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency, and I am sure that both would like me to acknowledge contribution of the MCA in both encouraging this initiative and ensuring that the Code passed into legislation.

Without direct benefit, the Hovercraft Manufacturers Association and Griffon Hoverwork have shared their detailed technical knowledge and experience for the good of the wider industry.  Their work, which will lead to the improvement of safety in hovercraft, makes them worthy recipients of the Maritime Safety Award.

Barry Deakin

The 2015  Maritime Safety Award was presented to Barry Deakin of the Wolfson Unit at Southampton University in recognition of his lifetime work in the research into small craft of all types. 

His work in comparing the level of safety afforded by the monohull and multihull stability criteria of the IMO Code of Safety for High-Speed Craft led to a new stability criterion relating the incidence of capsize to the size of the waves in relation to the vessel.

His work into the development and presentation of simplified loading guidance for fishing vessels has the potential to have a significant impact on the high fatality rate amongst UK fishermen.

Following a series of casualties in the early 80s Barry Deakin led much of the extensive research into stability requirements for sailing vessels. This work led directly to the Small Commercial Vessel Code of Safety for Sailing Vessels.

Following the loss of the ‘Marchioness’ in 1989, Barry led research into the behaviour of small motor vessels when involved in collision with a larger vessel.

His work is notable because it encompasses both original theoretical research and the identification of measures that will enable the results to be put into practice. By working in a pragmatic way with key stakeholders he has ensured that his work has made a lasting and significant contribution to the safety of small craft.  His published papers have been recognised on numerous occasions by the award of the Institution’s Medal for papers of distinction.  .

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