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Safety Guidance for Naval Architects

“Safety Guidance for Naval Architects” has been produced by the Safety Committee of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects to provide information and guidance to members on safety management and associated methods.  Initially published in 1993 as “Guidance for Members Concerning Safety Assurance”, the second edition reflects the latest developments in ship safety.

Click here to download  “Safety Guidance for Naval Architects” (pdf file)

Chapters 2, 3 and 4 contain some theory, definitions of safety and the regulatory approach.  Chapter 5 addresses safety management considerations over the project life cycle. Chapter 6 suggests some practical risk assessment and risk management methods that can be applied beneficially to projects of a wide range of complexities. This is supplemented by further detail on risk assessment techniques in Appendix C.  Concluding advice is provided in Chapter 7. Appendix A contains recommendations for further reading, and Appendix B provides a tabular summary of some notable marine accidents.

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