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Recent IJSCT Papers

Click on the individual International Journal of Small Craft Technology (IJSCT) paper number to see list of authors, summary of paper and reference. Access to the complete issue via the IJSCT digital archive page.

RINA Members are entitled to up to four papers per year (free of charge). These can be IJME, IJSCT or RINA conference papers. In order to obtain a copy of a paper please contact the Publication Department at

Also view the IJSCT papers which are still open for Discussions:

IJSCT Part B1 2015

IJSCT 159: Estimating the Carbon Footprint of Tasmanian Fishing Vessels

IJSCT 164: Small Catamarans: Design Approaches and Case Studies

IJSCT 167: Flexural Strength Analysis of Laminated Bamboo Slats (Bambusa Arundinacea) for Constructing a Small Fishing Boat Shells

IJSCT 173: Re-Analysis of William Froude’s Studies of Planing Craft

IJSCT 166tn: On Aerodynamics of High Speed Boat Sponsons

IJSCT Part B2 2014

IJSCT 148: Mathmatical Modelling of Propeller Series

IJSCT 150: Energy Use of Fishing Vessels Operating in Tasmania

IJSCT 157: Experimental Assessment of Mega-Yacht Aerodynamic Performance

IJSCT 160: Comparisons Between Freewheeling and Locked Sailboat Propeller Drag Using a Computational Fluid Dynamics Approach

IJSCT 162: Experiments with Stepped Planing Hulls for Special Operations Craft

IJSCT 163: Back Against the Wall

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Rolls Royce Marine 2016

JETS VAC July 2015


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