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CathelcoCathelco Ltd  provide a range of products and services to the shipping industry including marine growth prevention systems (MGPS), hull corrosion prevention systems (ICCP) and corrosion consultancy services.

The company are world leaders in the design and manufacturers of marine pipework anti-fouling systems with a record of over 14,000 installations. The systems prevent blockages in seawater engine cooling systems caused by barnacles and mussels.

Installations consist of a control panel wired to copper and aluminium anodes which are usually mounted in the seachests or strainers. The development of a range of control panels and anodes enables systems to be fitted to ships of any size from cruise vessels and VLCCs to passenger ferries and tugs.

Cathelco have also developed a range of impressed currrent cathodic protection systems (ICCP) to protect steel and aluminium hulls. These have been installed on over 6,000 vessels including commercial, military and high speed craft.

ICCP systems consist of an arrangement of hull mounted anodes and reference cells connected to a control panel. The reference cells measure the electro-chemical activity (which causes corrosion) at the hull seawater interface and feed a single back to the control panel which raises or lowers the anode output accordingly.

Cathelco have developed an unusually wide range of anode designs including linear, circular, elliptical and linear loop to suit any hull profile. The shaft and rudder can also be brought into the scope of the system using shaft earthing equipment and rudder bonding gear.

Specialised ICCP systems have also been developed to protect waterjets on high speed ferries and bow/stern thruster tunnels on conventional craft.

Address:           Cathelco Ltd,
                        Marine House,
                        18 Hipper Street South,
                        Chesterfield S40 1SS

Tel:                   +44 (0)1246 246700
Fax:                  +44 01246 246701


Contact:            Chris Bell (Group Marketing Manager)



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