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IJME 239

Paper title: Measured Loading Response of Model Motion Control Stern Tabs



J Bell, T Arnold, J Lavroff, M R Davis, University of Tasmania, Australia 


Active trim tabs are commonly used as part of the ride control systems of high-speed craft. This paper investigates the lift characteristics of rectangular stern tabs that are commonly fitted to INCAT wave-piercer catamarans.  A test apparatus was developed to enable the testing of a model scale trim tab in a circulating water tunnel in the University of Tasmania hydraulics laboratory.  The magnitude and location of the lift force produced by the tab were measured over a range of tab angles and flow velocities.  From this the lift coefficient of the tab was calculated and the performance of the tab under varying conditions was analysed.  The lift force produced by the tab was shown to increase with velocity and tab angle as expected, with the lift coefficient of the tab increasing linearly with tab angle and remaining relatively constant with increases in flow velocity.  The magnitude of the measured lift coefficient was lower than had been previously estimated  in shallow water tests and the force was found to act forward of the tab hinge, indicating that much of the lift force generated by the tab is due to the increased pressure on the underside of the hull forward of the tab.


Transactions RINA, Vol 155, Part A1, International Journal Maritime Engineering, Jan-Mar 2013 

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