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Jotun 09/11/2016

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Seal renewal in New Zealand in tough underwater conditions

Shiprepair eNews - June 2016Hydrex seal repair

A diver/technician team from Belgium-based Hydrex has carried out underwater stern tube seal repairs on a container vessel in Tauranga, New Zealand. The ship was suffering from an oil leak and was not allowed to sail on, but because no drydock was available close by an on-site repair was necessary.

An intial underwater inspection revealed that the rope guard hwas missing and that the bolts had broken off.  The divers installed a flexible mobdock around the stern tube seal assembly creating a dry underwater environment so that they could work in drydock-like conditions. The split ring was then disconnected and brought to the surface to be cleaned. After cleaning the entire assembly, the team removed the damaged seals one by one and replaced them with new ones.

All parts of the stern tube seal assembly were then reinstalled and secured. Leakage tests were carried out with positive results, after which the divers removed the flexible mobdock.

Hydrex seal renewal 2Hydrex seal repair 2

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