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The Royal Institute of Naval Architects

Jotun 09/11/2016

Bentley Systems 10/11/16

Council of the Institution - as at 31 July 2016


2016 -          T Boardley

Past Presidents

1984 -1987   Professor John B Caldwell OBE PhD DSc FRINA FREng
1993 -1996   Dr Peter J Usher CBE DSc RCNC FRINA FREng
1996 -1999   Sir John Parker FRINA FREng
2002 - 2004   Professor W Geraint Price FRINA FREng FRS

2004 - 2007   Dr Nigel Gee DEng BSc FRINA FREng
2007 - 2010   Stephen Payne OBE HonPhD (Sc) BEng  FRINA FREng
2010 - 2014   Peter French FRINA FREng FRSA
2014 - 2016   Bruce S. Rosenblatt FRINA

Honorary Vice Presidents

Date elected

1972   Sir Eric G Yarrow BT MBE FRINA
2004   E C Tupper FRINA

Vice Presidents

Date elected

2014   A Marsh FRINA
2014   T Allan  FRINA
2016   Prof D J Andrews  FRINA

Date elected

2016   Prof R W Birmingham FRINA
2016   N P Pattison  FRINA
2016   Dr D S Aldwinckle  FRINA


Date elected

2014   M d’Amico       
2014   R A Shenoi      
2014   W D Everard       
2014   K Tikka       

Date elected

2014   IKAP Utama      
2014   R Curry        
2014   J De Rose       
2014   R Pudduck

Date elected

2014   P G Wrobel
2015   A Subahani
2015   S C Rusling
2015   J C Hudson

Date elected

2015   R C Gehling
2015   J Frier
2016   A G Blyth
2016   H Karanassos


Date elected

2014   M A Brooking      
2014   P B L Coley      
2014   C L Savage      
2014   R D Smart   

Date elected

2014   S E M Watts      
2014   D V Whittaker
2015   W Kelly 
2015   D Viner

Date elected

2016   P Gualeni
2016   R Spink
2016   A D King
2016   A Pattison 


Date elected

2014   G Smyth 

Date elected

2016   N Desty


Date elected

2015   C Cooper    

President of the Australian Division

Date elected

2016   Dr M Renilson  FRINA +

President of the New Zealand Division

Date elected

2013   E Ewbank FRINA + 

Chairmen of Standing Committees

N Pattison (Publications Committee)
R Cripps (Maritime Innovation Committee) +
F H Spencer (Disciplinary Committee) +
tba (Maritime Environment Committee) +

J De Rose (IMO Committee)
S Watts (Maritime Safety Committee)
Y Sarac-Williams (Membership Committee) +
D Spinney (Professional Affairs Committee) +

Chief Executive

T Blakeley

+ Ex officio members

Alfa Laval 260x120

Stone Marine 260x120

Rolls Royce Marine 2016

JETS VAC July 2015


Drew Safety