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RINA SpARegistro Italiano Navale (RINA) Group business activities consist in offering certification, verification, control, assistance and consultancy services to economic and institutional operators, aimed at improving the safety and quality of their products, processes and services.

The role we intend to perform is that of guiding the qualitative development of the market, promoting awareness that the adoption of measures to protect safety and the environment and, in general, attention to quality are attitudes which lead to advantages and increase the value of the organisations which pursue them.  Our distinctive feature is application leadership, that is to say, the ability to understand the needs of individual customers and offer a customised and effective service in full compliance with the applicable standards and rules.

The key to our success lies in our people, the company's most important asset, and through their competence, professionalism and ability to identify tailor-made solutions for customers, contribute to the continuous improvement in safety and quality of products, processes and services. Our customers share our passion for excellence and we are proud to be able to contribute to the success and development of organisations which stand out in terms of innovation and far-sightedness.

Since 1861 RINA has developed a technical partnership within the international shipping community. Throughout its hystory, RINA has been closely involved with technological advances which have greatly enhanced the safety of life at sea and environmental awareness

Address:     Via Corsica 12
                  16128 Genova

Tel:             +39 010 538 5435
Fax:            +39 010 535 1000
Contact:      Mr Guido Casella
                  Head of Business Development Sector


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