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Jotun 09/11/2016

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Navgathi Marine Design & Construction Pvt. Ltd

Address: Navgathi Marine Design & Constructions Pvt. Ltd 111/131 N. Kalamassery 683104 India
Country: India

Telephone Number: 91 4846492607
FAX: 91 4842543609

Contact: Arjun

Categories: Design, Project Management, Construction, Recreational Craft

Description: A marine design and construction firm with offices in India, S.Korea and UAE. Major divisions are Services which cover Design, Project Management, Ship broking; Integration which covers Solar energy, leisure boats and work boats; Products which covers boating and other leisure equipment.


Alfa Laval 260x120

Stone Marine 260x120

Rolls Royce Marine 2016

JETS VAC July 2015


Drew Safety