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Maritime Safety Committee

Chairman:  S Watts

The Maritime Safety Committee is tasked by the Council with making the collective technical expertise of the Institution available for the benefit of the profession and society by contributing to the improvement of maritime safety.  It is accountable to the Council, and is authorised to act and speak on behalf of the Institution in accordance with Council policies relating to maritime safety.

Maritime Safety Committee Forum (Committee members only)

Maritime Safety Group

Members will be updated on the work and activities of the Maritime Safety Committee through the online Maritime Safety Group Forum. 

Members may also comment on the Committee’s work, or propose matters for its consideration through the Forum.

Maritime Safety Group

Safety Guidance for Naval Architects

“Safety Guidance for Naval Architects” has been produced by the Safety Committee of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects to provide information and guidance to members on safety management and associated methods.  Initially published in 1993 as “Guidance for Members Concerning Safety Assurance”, the second edition reflects the latest developments in ship safety.

"Safety Guidance for Naval Architects" (pdf file)

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