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Jotun 09/11/2016

Bentley Systems 10/11/16

Beacon Surveyors LLP

Address: 51, 1st Floor, GMA Building Plot No. 297, Ward 12 B Gandhidham, Kandla Port 370201
Country: India

Telephone Number: 91 2836 652 643 / 91 982 511 8643

Contact: Digvijay Zala

Categories: Surveying, Safety & Risk Assessment, Commercial

Description: The company provides surveying and consultancy services in cargo, nautical and marine engineering spheres, goods quality and quantity inspection, cargo and container damage surveys, All type of P & I Club surveys, Cargo Hold Fitness Survey for Loading Grain and Fertilizers, Steel Products Surveys. Also provided, are services for the sampling and testing of Petro Chemical/Agricultural products. We also provide services for internal audits, Flag State Inspection, Mock PSC inspections


Alfa Laval 260x120

Stone Marine 260x120

Rolls Royce Marine 2016

JETS VAC July 2015


Drew Safety